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5 tips on how to choose a frame for artwork

Good to know some tips from my experience

- Small artworks – small frames, because they need refinement, but large artworks need massive frames, so as not to look insignificant. We are talking about the width of the frame.

- All colour solutions are divided into two types: warm and cold. This applies to both paintings and frames. Matching is important: warm colours of artworks are matched with frames of warm shades, cold colours of artworks are matched with frames of cold shades.

- The colour of the frame is in harmony with the main shades of the room, furniture or decor on the walls.

- Carved frames made of natural wood look especially classy. They are further processed to create a unique frame for the artwork and make it more expensive. Wood is for long term, but plastic can be changed regularly, for example, when updating the interior.

- It is important to pay attention to the content and style of the artwork subject, the glitter of the gold and silver frame makes the finished artwork more expensive, but not every artwork needs it.