About me

"True painting, akin to making love, enables the articulation of emotions beyond the confines of words. It is in these very emotions that it transcends into genuine art. It is imperative to undertake this process with the soul and from the heart. Breathe beauty and exhale the joy that I have expressed in my paintings."

I am Julia Borg, a contemporary artist currently living in Malta. I was born in Germany. An important moment was my first trip to Malta, which changed my outlook and destiny. I am very happy living with my family on a wonderful Mediterranean island that inspires me to create.

In the past, my main work was related to engineering and interior design, but I have always been drawn to art. As a child, I was engaged in an art studio, and later on decided to study art with private teachers. As a result, my main focus in professional art started in 2013 and turned my passion into a career.
In the enchanting realm of my creativity, I aspire to craft interior paintings that serve as a "joy for the eyes," distinguished by the eloquence of abstract techniques. From the inception of my artistic journey I have been entranced by the legacy of great Impressionist artists, an influence seamlessly woven into my choice of palettes and techniques. In the process, I achieved my unique style a modern and fresh look at interior painting. In my art works, I express a harmonious dance of bright colours that invites viewers to embark on a multifaceted journey, discovering the threads of their own unique stories on canvas.

Bathed in the warmth of positive and enthusiastic feedback from my esteemed clients, I now confidently declare myself a professional artist. Crafting bespoke artworks tailored to exclusive orders, I also channel my creative expression into curating a collection inspired by my artistic musings. These paintings traverse the globe, finding homes in private collections across Europe, the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Japan, and Australia, where they continue to bring joy to their discerning owners.

2020-2023 - Private practice
2023 - "Art therapy" online course "Artist online"
2022 - "The versatility of colors" online course "School of Design"
2021 - "Abstract composition" online course "School of Design"
2019 - Watercolour painting course, "Artist Online"
2018 - Abstract painting course "School of Abstract Art"
2015 - Impressionism technique course, "School of Modern Drawing"
2014 - Landscape designer course, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Soil Science
2013 - Coloristics course, "Peoples' Friendship University of Russia"
2013 - Private education from the artist Streletskaya Olga, "Art Zveno"
2012 - Course "Interior designer", Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
1990 - Art school for children
Exhibitions / Events
  • Event: "Winter Group Exhibition", 2023, The Halpern Gallery, Kent, England
  • Event: "Winter Group Exhibition", 2023, Gallery23, Balzan, Malta
  • Event: "Summer Group Exhibition", 2023, Gallery23, Balzan, Malta
  • Event: "Art Event", 2022, Gallery "TheSoaringArt", Newport Beach, USA
  • Event: «INDOORS- From Where I Am», 2020, DESKO, Valletta, Malta
  • Event: «Moscow-Benelux», 2017, The Jurgenson Library, Moscow, Russia
  • Event: «Images», 2017, The Jurgenson Library, Moscow, Russia
  • Event: «Art is all around», 2016, Atrium, Moscow, Russia
  • Event: «ARTWHOART», 2015, Kalanchevskiy, Moscow, Russia
You can personally view some of my works
of art at the following addresses:
Art gallery «Gallery23 Malta»
Address: 23 Triq Idmejda, Ħal Balzan, Malta
Restaurant «Bianco's Pizza & Pasta»
Address: St George's Road, St Julian's, Malta
Business Center «Coworking & Cultural Centre»
Address: 63 Triq Il-Ballut, Mosta, Malta