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How to place art works on the wall

If you have one piece of art hanging in your room, it will be the main point of attraction, the semantic accent. When there are two, three or more works, you can play with the space and organize the pictures in different ways.

If you have several pieces of art, then, of course, not everything can be hung side by side. To do this, they must be combined according to some principle: authorship, style, subject of the image, color scheme, technique.

So... here we go

Horizontal line — so visually you will increase the space.

Vertical — this will help increase the height of the room.

Carpet hanging is suitable if you have a lot of art works of different sizes. You can be creative here...😉 extend it horizontally or vertically, or round it, depending on the size of your wall space.

Diagonal. For example, along the stairs, so that as you walk along it, you can see each art work