Seascape off the southern coast of England. Let's imagine the 19th century... I would like to fantasize like that) Bright and soft summer sun, light breeze, turquoise sky, whispering sea waves. Birds are circling over the shore, do they bring good news?). The sea plays with many shades from blue to turquoise.... Waves set the pace) In the distance, Marines sail to the shore or pass by... who is it? cargo ships.... or maybe pirates) You can compose different stories, that's the beauty of landscapes on canvas, so I think) Painting vibrates with positive emotions... and you can imagine yourself inside it.

Material: Oil on Canvas

Painting size: 70 x 50 x 3 cm (unframed)

Year created: 2022

Style: Impressionistic

Subject: Landscapes, sea and sky

Size: Medium (40-100 cm)

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